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Eurotrip: Berlin - part 1 (in English)


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5 more days of my Eurotrip and i had a lot of adventures in that german city, wich I was not fluent in the language ( and can barely speak a few words ^^''). 
I arrived on the night of December,10 and at the station purchased my "Berlin Welcome Card" which provides 3 days of unlimited public transport and 3 consecutive days off in some tourist attractions and free entry to the museums of the Museum Island.\ o / 
All my plans in Berlin was set up aiming to make the most of the discounts provided on the card. It cost 40.50 euros. For information, visit http://www.visitberlin.de/en/welcomecard .
I stayed in Berlin at the Plus Hotel and this was the best hostel I've been in my Eurotrip. Most cost-benefit! Totally recommended!

Day 1 - Day Museum and famous attractions I woke up early and went to breakfast at the hotel (it cost 6,90 euro . 

At 9:30 , opening hours of the Museum of Natural History ( Museum fur Naturkunde ), I arrived at the site. The box office is on the outside and with the presentation of the ticket card welcome berlin I paid 3.50 euros.

I loved this visit because, man,there are a lot of dinosaurs bones!! It has several interactive screens for you to learn more about each dinosaur and has type binoculars in a corner of the room that if you direct it to each bones appears a video of the dinosaur as it would be if alive. Very interesting and I really recommend if you are travelling with kids. 
I was two hours in this museum and I left, I took the subway to go to the Reichstag , whose visit was scheduled for 13h .

On the way , I passed one of Berlin postcards : the Brandenburg Gate . In fact the whole area is very interesting and I was impressed by the size and beauty of the building. After some pictures and a cappuccino, walked over about 5 minutes to the Reichstag .

Admission is free and gives a show of beauty and history (I heard all the audioguide and read all signs xD but will interest each) . Its necessary to Visit the site in advance and print the email confirming ​​the reservation ( You have to have it printed because I had a problem there, my name was not in the list and, only because i had the paper, the let me in). To acess their website to schedule, click here. I stayed there for one hour, but who are not interested in reading and hearing all the audioguide would visit in 20 minutes.

After there, I went to the Berlin Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum). 
I arrived almost 15h and it was a problem since the museum closed 17h and its necessary, at least, 4 hours to see everything because the museum is enourmous. 
Even people that dont care about technology will be interested because the colection has everything developed over the past 200 years exposed. Amazing!!
The value of the ticket, using Berlin Welcome Card, is 4 euros and 2.50 for audioguide. More information at http://www.sdtb.de/Home.623.0.html

It was 17h and my day was not in the end. I went to the "Topography of Terror" an exposition  in the old headquarter of SS during the Third Reich that tells all about Nazism.
The Entrance to the Topography of Terror is free and open until 20h at night, which is great for those who do not want the day to end. The exhibition is primarily photographic and written telling the story of Nazism in Germany. More information at http://www.topographie.de/en/

Day 2 - Museum Island and other famous places 

Neue Museum
Neue Museum is located on the island of museums and their collections is focused on objects used in antiquity , especially Egypt. I was very excited to go to this museum because they have The Bust of Nefertiti - and I always enjoyed this work because its beautiful and SO old ! 

The audioguide is free and strongly recommend it.
I was there for 2hours and The ticket is included in Welcome Card Berlin.

After short rest , the idea was to enter the Berlin Dom to know the church and the dome , but that day something was going on and I could not enter. 

Museum of German History

So, I went straight from there to the Museum of German History.  
The museum entrance was reduced due to the Belin Welcome Card and cost me 6 euros. The audioguide was 3 euros and it was essential for me not to die of boredom .
I stayed there for 3 hours but you have to consider that I had been in Munich before and sometimes everything seems repetitive.

Near the Berlin Dom is located the Museum of the DDR , which aims to present the way of life adopted on the eastern side of Germany during the rule of the USSR. The museum entrance was 5.25 ( reduced due to the Berlin Welcome Card ) and is a different type of exposure, since you can touch evereything. The visit was quick : 45 minutes was enough for me to see and touch all I wanted .
The night was cold and the walk to the Alexanderplatz was very welcome. My focus now was the TV tower ( Fernsehturm Berlin ), another major tourist spot of Berlin. The ticket cost 9.70 and had to wait 1 hour and 30 to rise. In the meantime, I took a walk around the Alexanderplatz , enjoyed a capuccino , I saw the iceskating ring in front of the Fountain of Neptune , etc.

Upstairs the view is amazing. The tower is really high and the city is beautiful with the night lights and Christmas lights.

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