quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

Traveling books: Howl's Moving Castle


This is the fourth round of the Traveling books (the third I was traveling and could not read o.o) and the book I received was "The Howl's moving castle ". I admit that, at the beginning, I was feeling an uproar endless. The narration was slow and nothing seemed to be heading. The story was focused on a popular legend that talked about the fate of each person according to the order they were born. Crazy!
Than started to get funny because I felt like hitting Sophie (protagonist). Old and fearful face Bitch! Talks to inanimate things and it seems a little crazy. She really need to talk to living people (poor thing!) Anyway, the story unfolds in unexpected ways. Every now and then surprises me because the facts are not only unexpected but taken "out of nothing".

Despite the praise, I have to say that sometimes looks like a mix of a lot of luck because it seems that the author only add magic to various strange characters through a plot without rhyme or reason and, only god know how, works. Once again the end of the history came from nowhere and in the last episode everything comes to a solution and every caracther of the book appears in the same place. All ends well and in the end it was coldly calculated : p Too much perfect, hein?
Despite these issues,I enjoyed the book and recommend it for those who like magic! That's all folks!

See ya!

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  1. The book is good,though it happens like you said: too much luck and synchronism that seems not much likely to happen. But despite Sophie, the others characters are very captivating - Howl himself and Calcifer, his fire-demon - and you do find yourself wanting to find more about the story and that world.

    Although they all seem to repeat a very unlikelly plot-twist, of all the three books of the serie, this one is the best. I really like it despite the cons (:

    1. :D I didnt like the book as much as you but it was really nice until the damned ending.