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Hair: re-dying with Igora 7.77


And in a blink of an eye three months have passed without dye my hair. The last time i have done it it was before backpack trip in November / 2015 .

The reason I get this break is due to the intense dry effect my hair suffered during the month of " abandonment" during backpacked . 

As I am not willing to have a hair with gorgeous color and deplorable aspect,I spent the month of January and February recovering it, interspersing hydration ( wella brillance ) and reconstruction (john frieda full repair) .

But now, that the hair is recovered and has completed one month since the aggression suffered by the progressive (yes , your hair looks great but detonated after progressive !), I could finally realize re-dye it ( eyebrow 100 % black and 3 fingers of darkroot )

I used one whole tube of Igora 7.77 with a generous piece of Mix 0.77 mixed added 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide of 30 volumes of Wella .

I left only 40 minutes - i'm used to wait 60 minutes before washing it - and the Result was not what i expected: as my hair was very faded and I left less time the color became darker than usually is = /

I admit I liked the color, even darker , but I hope from my heart that will came a beautiful color from the fading.

Anyway, it was nice having this different experience using the same material because now other boys and girls know the difference and can choose wich color they want without changing the products ;)

I hope it helped you!

That's all folks!

See ya!

## Update - 03/03/2016

and it becames my cupper love s2

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