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Books from Bienal: Asylum


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I started reading this booklet at the end of 2015, before eurotrip, and just finished now because my priority list took another turn (wich means that I decided to read another book before it: p) It was a fine book. Caught my interest with that line of "mysterious mystery" in which the reader knows nothing from beginning to the almost end. Every time it seems that something important has been revealed ... simply appears another inexplicable thing and we returned to the "know nothing" status xD The story is quite simple which provides a very quick read. At the same time, I think to much predictable the dialogues and the development of the story. I admit that i was not expecting the way it ended. I dont know... it just didnt feel like an end... I dont know if its my moment of life or something but I just did not like the lack of explanations to all the misterys. And its not a problem of that mistery book - aparently all of mystery books that i have read recently are enormous, a lot of crazy things happening and nothing being explain. All that expectation that in the end everything will be clear. But dont. Suddenly, its the end of the book. The protagonist says "eureka", give a crap explanation taken from nowhere and its it.  

And the awful truth is that i always think that i must have missed something before. Than, i came back some pages, read all again, to discorver that: yeah, it was only that. 

Cant understand HOW people sell books (i said bookS) with that kind of.... disengagement with the lector and even with the story. (ok, i finished complaining about that...i know i'm getting boring)
Besides that little things i told, I still recommend the book for those who like some mistery and do not bother with teenage theme backgrounds.

That's all folks!
See ya!

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