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Eurotrip: Dresden (in english)


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Another account of my Eurotrip 30 days having gone through five countries and 12 cities known. This post will be short since it was only a pit stop between Prague and Berlin. Dresden is a beautiful city and was rebuilt after being bomb at World War II. The city has a amazing natural beauty and enourmous turistic monuments (all reconstructed). I bought my train ticket on the Internet at D-Bahn website. There is a pit-stop option, that allows you to choose how much time between you arrived and leave the pit stop station. 
I chose to stay for 6 hours, but i recommend to stay more if you are going in the summer/spring. My choice was based on the time of atractions opened (it was about 10 a.m) and the sunset (about 05 p.m.). The ticket cost 43 euros

My day started early in Prague : I arrived at the train station 8am because I knew I would have trouble finding the right platform - I was right. 
In the electronic panel some bug happened or they are disorganized and even the boarding platform was changed 10 minutes before boarding. 08:30 I was on the train and starving! The interesting of this train is that when you are travelling out of the Czech Republic has a "promo" at breakfast and you still can pay with Czech crowns (which have no value anywhere ).

10:30 arrived in Dresden. Super organized city! I left my backpack in a locker inside the train station. It was huge and cost 5 euros. With 5 minutes walk from the train station, I was dazzled by the city.

On the way to the river Elbe, I pass through a Christmas market. The smell was delicious and the chilled breeze - less cold than the Prague ^^ '' - made ​​the tour very enjoyable.

River Elba is beautiful!

The truth is that the time flew and I ended up choosing just seeing outside of several attractions since prices were to high and i didnt have time to spare (10 euros to see the dome of the church and the line was too long o.o ) .

In 1h and ride a half I spent the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), which was already quite impressive and really has a really high dome - I was kind shocked that time because there was a musician playing piano beautifully at the moment I saw the church - it was really emotion! 

Hofkirche is a really big church and has a completely different style comparing to Frauenkirche - very beautiful too and was interesting seeing such a different style of churchs so cloose to each other.

From there, I went to Dresden Castle or Residenzschloss where I knew there were famous treasure exhibition. I organized myself to stay there for three hours but many people on the internet recommend 4 hours ( honestly 3 hours were enough for me). So, depend on the person.

I bought the combined ticket, that cost 21 euros, and gives access to the Dresden Castle and the Historic Green Valt (Grunes Gewölbe) - which is the room with the greatest relics of Dresden Castle. 

To organized the tour, when you buy the tickets you received the time you can get in. So, if you dont want to waist time waiting to get in you can book the tickets online.
In my case I arrived in time for the next "group" and didnt wait. #Caution: There is a ticket that does NOT include the Historic Green Vault and that is the main castle of the collection! You cant go there and dont see it. If you buy the wrong ticket you will wast more money to buy the separate ticket to the green vault. I was really delighted with some artwork. I had seen beautiful treasueres at Munich but these treasures were so well made and (probably) expensive xD 
I can not imagine that our society will be able to make again such pieces of art. 
I took some pictures until a security guard told me I could not do it x.x I really did not know ^^' And still have the pictures since he didnt make me erased it :D In addition to the Historic Green Vault, I still explored the three other exhibitions that my ticket allowed access: the new Green Vault - with recent treasures, Armoury - where weapons of various civilizations are exposed and The coins exposition. 
I really enjoyed the armoury exhibits - so many weapons!!! - But my time was tight and I wanted to continue exploring the city.
Leaving the Dresden Castle, i cross the street to get to my next destination: the Zwinger palace. However I gave an exploited on site and was in love with Opera Semper *.*

Then, i just walk a little bit and got the Zwinger complex. I just met the gardens and the building out, because my train left at 05 p.m. , and there was no time to explore the exhibits minimally the palace houses . I need to come back to Dresden!

After taking some pictures and feel really cold, i started my journey back to the train station.

Of course, after a really long day, i was starving and couldnt resist the really good smell of the christmas market. So i made a quick stop and ate a really good indian food. It was chicken, rice and curry and soo delicious!

I arrived early at the train station so, calmly , I went to the bathroom (so clean!!!), undid most of knots in my hair (I think I already commented that had SERIOUS problems with knots in the hair on the trip ), changed my wet socks (makes ALL the difference to avoid cold when you switch it in the middle of the day) and bought a cappuccino (it was a really cold day).
So 5:00 p.m. I was on the train. At 19:15 I arrived in Berlin and with the help of really nice girl, I bought tickets and took the right sbahn to go to the Hostel. 

I was ready for adventure in Berlin. But that one will be told in another post.

To Berlin folks! o/

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