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Eurotrip: Prague (Part 2)


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This post is a second part from the narrative of my experience in Prague. If you want to read the first post, please click here.

Day 04 : Kutna Hora That day I woke up 8am and had breakfast at the Grand Café Oriento because I knew the tour to Kutna Hora would leave only 11am . The choice of this coffee was the bunch of recommendations on the internet. The food was delicious , the price was fair and the location was nice . I thought it was worth it because I love taking good breakfasts.

From there, I directed to the tour company to buy my package to Kutna Hora with Discover Prague Tour company, which cost 700 czk and the train tickets and entrances were included. As there was still time I know the Powder Tower which is nearby.
The entrance cost 90 czk .

It is a reference in the city for one day was one of the highest monuments but even today you can see the city from above very well - I love these scenic spots , you might have noticed .

The Tour : we are in the place marked by the company and we walked together to the central train station in Prague. The guide bought our tickets and we were in a really cool train separated by boxes . As I was there I met a family of Americans and a couple of Scandinavians - they were sin ame tour as me. 1h after we got the first tourist attraction : the Chapel Sedlec . which is the largest in the world crypt . I admit that after the Catacombs had expected that I would no longer be any " ohh " to see human bones arranged artistically , but the number and size of the " buildings " actually left me impressed . Huge chandeliers bones and other decorations .

The guide said that this chapel sinking and they will probably have to remove the ossuary there and spoke at the cultural loss that this entails for the storage and disposal of the bones will never be reproduced elsewhere as there was and such. Really sad . Next, we expect a van come for the group to continue the tour . It was cold in a surreal level . Gloved my hands were burning , burning with cold. 

Already in Prague I was very cold - which is why I bought this hat ugly but that warmed the ears s2 And I think that without it would not have to enjoy the day.

We arrived at the Cathedral of Santa Barbara and enjoy it out. Beautiful construction. Really impressive .

Only when we entered the cathedral was colder inside than outside xD Basically , I was dead the whole world hunger and inside the cathedral , beautiful as it is, has nothing very impressive. Ae quickly staff was cringing in the pews and trying not to allow any gangrenasse finger because it was way too cold ( boy , to one hopérbole girl today ^^ '') Coming out of Santa Barbara had lunch in a very nice medieval restaurant with a mass medium expensive food and awkwardly . The mulled wine was crap but I forced myself to take because tava VERY cold outside and the wine would help.

After lunch we found the rest of the group to resolve lunch elsewhere and personal tava almost frozen . Very tense . At that moment I became friends with the Greeks and a Norwegian staff very nice people . At that time here I was getting dark and still went to the Italian court .

Fountain at Italian Court

Here I felt a little bit uneasy with the tour. We entered the Italian court, the guide told some things about it and then we left. It was not what i was expecting...
Particularly, in terms of cost-benefit, I think it would offset MUCH do the walk alone because I think it would have spent less money and would have known much of the city because I would not have left the 11h of Prague. 

However, because winter was more than we needed to be with someone who knew where was the train station to go back because it's too sinister place. I never imagined that there was a train station and it was cold and dark and the natives speak Czech - I think I've convinced you to do the tour if they are in the winter, right?
We arrived in Prague at about 19h and ended up going with the young part of the medieval tavern pruma group in Prague (can not remember the name or endereço..mal).
Supeeeerrr it was nice, we drank beer forever and not spend a fortune (all celebrate). I went back through stumbling to the hostel to find a delicious hot chocolate in the square of the Christmas market are venceslau s2 everything worked uhauhauhauhauhau and sleep forever because he was dead

05 - Stare Mesto , Josehov , Lesser Town and Vysehrad Yes yes , many things for one day xD But I had failed to meet the stare of schedule mesto and josehov then had to adapt that day to try to see everything I wanted . In Stare Mesto that was missing I was up in astronomical clock and make the tour of the underground

I bought the package tour in English for 9am but eventually they stuck with this tour and I had to do the tour with a group of children in Czech ¬ ¬ not at all happy .

Up to the towerrr

Old town square

Far behind Prague Castle

One inside the tower

Then I went back to Josehov to know the Jewish cemetery and chose two synagogues to know : Maiselova and Pinkas , beyond the Ceremonial Hall . To be honest as interesting as it is I think that apart from the cemetery , I could have spent my time doing other things than knowing these synagogues ; Will the interest of each.

Back bordering the river Vtalva walk to get to Karlov Most bridge to visit the museum Bridge .

Until then I had crossed that bridge the night back to the hostel on the Petrin Hill . 

After visiting the museum (which is no big deal and it cost 170 czk - ai ) I went through during the day the bridge and it really is a very cool experience .

Full of people but no bother for it. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride to the other side , pounding shots of the city , because it is a pretty fabulous place.

On the other side I was walking straight until you reach the Church of St. Nicollas . I decided to go in it because the staff spoke internet which is very beautiful. Actually she is very beautiful and had a peace that I aina had no meaning or in the synagogues or in other churches he had visited . I enjoyed the visit and 50 input czk is reasonable.

In front of the church took a tram towards Vysehrad . It was kind of exciting here because I was kind of unsure of where to get off and did not know whit this part of town. Rolled medinho that because I went through some places more sinister but after asking a few times on the street got a wall type fortress that isolates the Vysehrad park the rest of the city.

Has no photos here because my battery died right after I get there. The rain also began at that time. Therefore, the following images were taken from the internet to give an idea of the place :)

But I was prepared and was enough to hold my umbrella for my ride is not over. I took a big walk in the park ( which is gorgeous ) and met the church I liked the trip : the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul . It is beautiful and I really felt at peace there. I lit a candle and prayed my knack . I felt very well there.

The church entrance there is an interactive dashboard that tells the story of several tourist spots of the park and outside the park. As it was raining heavily at that time I took this panel and won some very interesting information. After a while the rain improved and continued my exploration. When I arrived at the lookout I spent more sinister cold of life. It was too windy so the umbrella was not being 100 % effective but the view from there is one of those " unforgettable life ." My heart stopped and I thought : what a beautiful place !!!

Stay over there while stand it and I resumed the schedule . The idea was to go bordering the Vtalva in back and get to know some tourist spots like dancing Building and the National Theatre of Prague. I saw all this but neither was so cool after Vysehrad . Eventually I returned to the square are venceslau and my goal was to buy a more powerful jacket because everyone I met and was coming from Berlin told me a unique cold there so I thought, if I'm already dying here imagines there. After a thorough and moral support Search for photos Mom I bought my divo coat with hood of furry by approx . 70 euros. Expensive when converts to BRL but I think worth every penny because in Brazil I would never find as good jacket for that price.

Spoiler alert for the next posts xD

Finally I made my last meal in Prague by smack dab in St. Wenceslas Square in a starbucks. During the day I fed snacks of baratissimos I bought in a supermarket . #Tip: for the poor backpackers is trying to buy snacks in supermarkets because it is very expensive and time consuming be eating in the middle of the rides . And that's it . The next morning I took the very early train to Dresden to continue this backpack . To Dresden folks!

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