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Books: Love, Rosie


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This book was first published as "Where rainbows end" but after the film the title was changed  to "Love, Rosie". I believe thats the first romance novels I read voluntarily.

But, first of all, i need to tell you HOW the book came to be in my hand ...

So I went to wash clothes in the hostel's laundry for two days (i didnt know how to do it x.x) and the book was there... all alone. In both days I wait a LIFE time  to do the laundry so i occupy my mind reading the book. On my  last day at the hostel I would have to stay 5h there doing  nothing until go to the airport, so I went there and took the book to read in the lobby. But, acting in an automatic way, when I realized she was late, I threw the book in my backpack and ran to the airport.

And thats the story how i stole won the book xD (please guys, if someone know about someone that lost that book in a laundry, please give my contact and i will try to give it back xD)

But, now,  let's talk about the book.

Thats he story of two best friends forever. They met each other when they were kids and became used to talked  by email, text messages and letter, and thats the way you know their story. You are always reading private meassages between them and the messages that they exchange with relatives and friends. Everything in their life was good and happy. They were always together and made a pact to never be apart... until Alex's parents decide to move to America (the story sets in Dublin - Ireland) and the pair separates ... but only physically. The friendship never dies and they keep being part of each other lifes but never get REALLY together because life make it impossible xD

The coolest thing is that throughout the book true friendship is tested by every difficulty of life that makes hard keeping friends near. It was really cool and shows that when people want to keep close they find a way.

About Narrative: I found very interesting the way chosen to tell the story. Very personal and makes you are acquainted with all the story all the time since you grew up with them xD
It was not tiring, it was not boring. Rosie is funny, for all the ills of life, and I think I identify with the way she sees life. Simply amused me (we probably would be good friends xD)

When the story might have been annoying the author has created ways to make it interesting again. I think VERY fulfilled the goal of history that the author has created not only the form (emails / letters / sms) that the story was told but the key moments that always showed up and everything gets a mess like life, i think.

There is nothing to complain about dialogues.The story is VERY possible to happen in real life and it all brings the reader and makes very good story.

I recommend to people who adores love - drama stories. And I recommend the film based on the book that has the same name of the book "Love, Rosie".

That's all folks!

See ya!

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