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Eurotrip: Munich (in english) - part.2


That post is the second part of mine trip to Munich. If you dind read the part 1, please click here. 

Third Day in Munich:
I started the day catching a tram (line 17) and going to the Nymphburg Palace - summer residence of the royal family.

Guys, what a  huge palace, gardens and  lake! Everything seem enormous in this place (actually I believe just Versalles is more beautiful and bigger xD)  The park is free so the citizen are used to going there to exercise. 
To visit the Museum the fare is € 8.50 regular (here did not accept the reduced without the student card!) and in includes seeing the rooms of the nobility, the collection of carriages and the the collection of porcelain items (I really liked the porcelain collection.. such a fine work!).

I really enjoyed it and it was a magical ride in time.
Then I went to visit the BMW Museum and found out that I know nothing about cars and other machines xD. I stayed there for 1 hour and 30 min  the entrance cost 7 euros (reduced rate).
It was a very interesting tour but, if you have a short time in Munich and do not care about cars,  I don’t recommend wasting time going there because there are other things downtown  that are more interesting and near xD  

     I returned to the center of Munich in Marienplatz, but  both Frauenkirsche as the St. Peter's Church were not open to visit. So I keep doing what I had planned, that was  visiting the Old Town Hall (Alte Rathaus). Besides being a monstrous building, there is the visit the tower for 2.50 euros which allows you to see the city of Munich from above - a must see because the view is very beautiful. The problem here was the cold. My hand freezed to take the pictures but really worth it!
    After that, I  went to the toys museum (Spielzeugmuseum) wich I only recommend to people that really likes to see old toys and have extra time in Munich. I was there about 40 minutes and cost 4 euros (expensive, right?) and have fun but I’d rather use the time (and the money) in other activity. 
     I was already barely passing of hunger but tourist wants to tour, han? And I decided to  lunch at Viktualienmarket – a famous street market – but I regret it soo much!
     Nobody speaks English there and people that were rude . I ended up eating at a German fast-food  there – the best fish and chips of my life uhauhauhauahuau  - since there people spoke english!

     Night came and I met 2 brasilian friends  who were also in Munich and had dinner again at Land haus ( it was an amazing experience AGAIN!). Than we end up at the  Marienplatz Christmas Market. We drank  hot wine (gluhwein), bought some souvenir for mom and said good bye to my friends since I’d leave in the next day and would not be able to meet them again. It was awesomee!

Fourth day in Munich:
     The last day in Munich was not in Munich actually because I went to a near city called Dachau. I took a S-Bahn ( line S2) near the main train station (Munich hbf) and  a bus in  Dachau  city to  Dachau Concentration camp.  To go there I bought a daily ticket for broader area of ​​Munich – Munich XXI - it cost  €8 and includes the bus.
     The Admission is free in the Concentration Camp but I wanted to take the audio guide, that cost € 2.50 (reduced fare to student). That tour changed my life and did not expect less. I stayed there for 3 hours and 30. I suggest to save half a day to that tour. 
    Not a place of revelry - so please don’t take funny pictures, respect other people feeling! In school we learn the story but  we don’t have any  idea what really rolled in those places. Every human being should be able to visit these places to rethink life, that is serious!
    Than I came back to Munich to take my backpack at the hostel and take my bus to my next stop: Prague.  
    You may be wondering why the choice of the bus ride. The truth, backpacker friend, is that traveling by train is expensive! It may be cheap but in my case the train ticket to Prague was costing about 100 euros, while the bus fare went under 30 euros, and the travel time was about the same.
    So, as a good backpacker,  I ALWAYS choose the means of transport that makes me save more and is easily accessible from the hostel.
    In Munich, the train and bus station is very close from one another, which was not important since the Wombats (the hostel I was staying) was very close to the station.

So, that's it folks! I intend to choose one or two rides that I liked in Munich to detail. Anyone out there have any interest ??

See ya!

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